Who is Third Presbyterian Church?

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Who is Third?

Third Presbyterian Church is a body of believers dating back to 1884. The church has a deep history of meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Birmingham and surrounding communities. As the community and landscape around us has changed we have adapted with that change.
During the early 1900s we operated a busy soup kitchen. Around 1950, that soup kitchen evolved to a food pantry for those in need. In more recent years as our neighborhood has transitioned to collegiate and professionals, we have recognized that other agencies do these things better and have instead opted to partner with those who align with our vision and mission.
Throughout all of the transformations of our neighborhood and outreach efforts, there has been one constant that never changed: A Focus on the Word of God. At Third, everything we do is rooted in the Bible as inerrant in its teaching and therefore our best guide.

You can read more about our History and What We Believe below.

Our History

What We Believe

Third Presbyterian Church's history is rich and unique. Our first pastor is undoubtedly Birmingham's most famous pastor, known as the pastor to the people. Speaking of pastors, there have only been four senior pastors since 1884.
At the root of our beliefs is the authority of Scripture as the infallible rule of faith and practice. Secondary standards of our church include the shorter and longer catechisms of The Westminister Confession of Faith (1647). 

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